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After The Fox Chords
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                            "After The Fox"
                      (Burt Bacharach - Hal David)

The "m(add2)" chords are voiced (on keyboard) with the 2nd and minor 3rd
a half-step apart.


	 / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

Am(add2)       F9-5 [1x1203]
	Who is the fox? (I am the fox)
	Who are you? (I am me)
	Who is me? (Me is a thief)
	Dm                                   Am    B
	You'll bring your poor, poor mother grief, so


C#m7           F#7
	After the fox, after the fox
	F#m7                  Cm7
	Off to the hunt with chains and locks
	    C#m7           F#7
	So, after the fox, after the fox
	F#m7                              C#m(add2)
	Someone is always chasing after the fox

Verse 2:

Where is the gold? (It's on the truck)
	Where's the truck? (I won't tell)
	You must tell (Then I will lie)
	You'll make your poor, poor sister cry (ha ha ha...), so

[repeat chorus]

Why do you steal? (So I'll be rich)
	Why not work? (Work is hard)
	You'll be caught (I never fail)
	All little crooks wind up in jail (Not me, not me), so

[repeat chorus (hold final F#m7 two extra bars)]


	After the fox   [end cold on C#]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
The Hollies - After The Fox Chords :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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