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Three Humans Chords
It's in Eb, not E, but uses open chords as such.


Why’s it trouble me 
when you’re determining 
G#m7            E/F#                      E     
if that kiss or twitch was just meant for me? 

You’re a bar with feet. 
Too tall too skinny. 
G#m7             E/F#                              E      G#
When it comes to problems the best thing you do is leave. 


Amaj7 F#m E F#m x5
Amaj7 Cmaj7


One attempt to leave. 
Two bruised pairs of knees. 
But true love comes in threes 
now I’m struggling to breathe. 

Once old pair of shoes;
two bigger better things. 
Now I’m growing up
                                            E   G#
but it ain’t cause of what my momma told to me 


C# G#

F#m     B                        E
Honey I know it's not hard to be seen.
F#m                   F                        E  
But I can’t eat can’t sleep if my conscious is clean. 
C# G# F#m
          Count my quarters out. 
C# G# G#
          Empty pocket change.
C# G# A 
         Crawl under the sheets. 
C# G# B
         Forget everything. 


E                  E/F#
I took my body and I told nobody. 
Gm7                                        E
So I could keep the soul for just one more day.
Light a smoke with shame. 
Forget someone’s name. 
Gm7                 E/F#    E
It turns out he was nothing nobody.

E chromatic to G#
A C G# A F#
E chromatic to G#
A C G# A F#
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