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Sound Of Freedom Tab
Guitar normal tune EADGBE
The song is very simple in my only has 3 chords

It's smth like this...

Now here it is 
It comes a time when everyone [..] need a little relaxation, you know 
Run it 
Listen this tune ya, listen this (And so it's said) ...

Am  G  Em  F

b---------5-5---5-6-5-------------------| Repeats through out with the  
g-------------7-------------------------| guitar chords

Its pretty much like this throughout the whole song. Enjoy! x
Any queries, add me on [email protected]

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About the artist behind Sound Of Freedom Tab:

Bob Sinclar, mistaken many times as "Sinclair" (born Christophe Le Friant, 10 May 1967) is a Grammy Award-nominated French record producer, House music DJ, remixer and owner of the label Yellow Productions.

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