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Im Not Angry Anymore Chords
Cutesy little interlude off the new album.

Listen to the song for strumming here:

Em  C   G   B7  Cm  A   B  D

Em       C        G
I'm not angry anymore
Well sometimes I am
Em       C              G
I don't think badly of you
     B7          C     Cm
Well sometimes I do...

C                 B
It depends on the day,
    Em                A
The extent of all my worthless rage,
C       D        G
I'm not angry anymore.

Em       C         G
I'm not bitter anymore,
I'm syrupy sweet.
Em          C                   G
I rot your teeth down to their core,
       B7          C    Cm
If I'm really happy.

C               B
Depends on the day,
     Em            A
If I wake up in a giddy haze,
C             D
Well, I'm not angry,
C               D
I'm not totally angry,
C            D     G
I'm all that angry anymore.
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About the artist behind Im Not Angry Anymore Chords:

Paramore (IPA: /'pærəmɔər/) is an American rock band that formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004 consisting of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboard), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), and Zac Farro (drums). The group released their debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005, and their second album Riot! in 2007, which was certified gold in the US and the UK.

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