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Night Moves Chords
Bob Seger is one of the greatest song writers ever and this is one of his
greatest songs.  Obviously this is a great song.

Bob Seger
Capo I


   I was a little too tall
  Could've used a few pounds
C					F
  Tight pants points hardly renown
G							F
  She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes
C						F        G         F
  And points all her own sitting way up high
C			   F
  Way up firm and high

G							  F
  Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
C					   F
  Out in the backseat of my '60 Chevy
G						F   C
  Workin on mysteries without any clues

  D               Em         D C      
  Workin on our night moves
D	   		Em		D  C
  Tryin to make some front page drive-in news
		Em               D   C
  Workin on our night moves

G			F    C       F
  In the summertime
G			         F    C     F
  In the sweet summertime
G					   F   
  We weren't in love, oh no, far from it
C							      F
  We weren't searchin' for some pie in the sky summit

G						F
  We were just young and restless and bored
C			F
  Livin' by the sword
G						   F
  And we'd steal away every chance we could
C							F
  To the backroom, to the alley or the trusty woods
  I used her, she used me
  But neither one cared
  We were getting our share

  D                    Em		 D  C
  Workin on our night moves
	     D        Em                     D        C
  Tryin to lose the awkward teenage blues
		Em                   D     C
  Workin on our night moves

G				F     C     F
  And it was summertime
G				F     C
  Sweet summertime, summertime

Em     G       G7

C/B	 G
  Ohhh, the wonder
  We felt the lightning
  And we waited on the thunder
  Waited on the thunder

6th String 3rd fret

  I awoke last night to the sound of thunder  
  How far off I sat and wondered
  G				     Cmaj7
  Started humming a song from 1962
  				Em        C
  Ain't it funny how the night moves
				Em                               C
  When you just don't seem to have as much to lose
		      Em               C        Cmaj7
  Strange how the night moves
  With autumn closing in

A 0h2
D     0

G F C 

    F  G               F C
Mm.       Night Moves       Mm.

F     G           F C
Night Moves
                   F  G
Night Moves Yeah 
			 F   G
I sure remember the night moves
			    F C
In the morning, I remember. 
                        F G
Funny how you remember.
			       F      C                   F G
I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember Oh, oh, Oh

Keep it workin',
F           C			           F
workin' and practicin'. Workin' and practicin'
G	     F     C 
  all of the night moves,
F     C         F
Night Moves  Oh.
G               F       C                        F
I remember,  yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember   Ooh.
G                               F C
  I remember, Lord, I remember,   Lord, I remember, Oh

  Oh Yeah
  Uh huh
  Uh huh
  I remember, I remember

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About the artist behind Night Moves Chords:

Bob Seger (born May 5, 1945) is an American rock and roll singer-songwriter and musician.

After years of local Detroit-area success, recording and performing in the mid-1960s, Seger achieved superstar status by the mid-1970s and continuing through the 1980s with the Silver Bullet Band. A roots rocker with a classic raspy, shouting voice, Seger was first inspired by Little Richard and Elvis Presley. He wrote and recorded songs that dealt with blue-collar themes. Seger has recorded many rock and roll hits, including "Night Moves", "We've Got Tonight", "Like a Rock" and also co-wrote the Eagles number one hit "Heartache Tonight." His iconic signature song "Old Time Rock and Roll" was named one of the Songs of the Century in 2001. With a career spanning five decades, Seger continues to perform and record today.

Seger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

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