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Long Way To Get Chords
 TITLE: "Long Way To Get"
ARTIST: Bob Schneider
 ALBUM: I'm Good Now
Transcribed by Connor Roberts
Email: [email protected]

 C	 Em	 Am	 F	 G	 Gm
e--0--	 --0--	 --0--	 --1--	 --3--	 --1--
B--1--	 --0--	 --1--	 --1--	 --0--	 --0--
G--0--	 --0-- 	 --2--	 --2--	 --0--	 --0--
D--2--	 --2-- 	 --2--	 --3--	 --0--	 --0--
A--3--	 --2--	 --0--	 --0--	 --2--	 --2--
E--0--	 --0--	 --0--	 --0--	 --3--	 --3--

INTRO: C, Em, Am, Em, F, C, Gm, C

           C           Em             Am            Em
I've got a mountain to climb before I get over this hill
           F          C             G       C
I've got a world to unwind before I ever sit still
           F            C              G       Am
I've got a hard road to hoe, before my seed is sewn
        F           C            G        C
I got a long way to get before I get back home...

           Am       F             G      C
There's an ocean of reason that I cannot explain
            Am            C            G          C
There's the weight of the world like a ball and a chain
          Am         C             G            Am
There's a black hole inside that I fill up with stones
      F           C            G        Am
Got a long way to get before I get back home
           F           C             G        C
I've got a long way to get, before I get back home

I am not sure about the first two lines of the pre-chorus...they
might be a little different, but this is the best I could figure it
out while listening to the CD.  Hope it works for you.

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About the artist behind Long Way To Get Chords:

Bob Schneider (born October 12, 1965) is an Austin, Texas-based musician and artist, born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and raised in Munich, Germany. The son of an opera singer, his parents moved to Germany when he was two. He was taught guitar and piano at an early age and made his first live appearances performing at his parents' parties.

He performed for years in various bands before embarking on a solo career. He dropped out of the University of Texas at El Paso where he studied art to front his first band, the funk-and-rap outfit Joe Rockhead. The band independently released three albums before disbanding immediately prior to signing with a major label.

A stint with a jamming outfit called the Ugly Americans followed, which experienced some success as an opening act for the Dave Matthews Band and Horde.

In 1997, Schneider went on to co-found The Scabs, which is actually Ugly Americans under a different title. With The Scabs, Bob Schneider made a further name for himself as the front man.

None of these bands gained much national recognition, but built solid reputations on the road. They were also a fixture in the Austin live music culture.

In 1999, Schneider became a solo act, though performing at first under the band name Lonelyland (which he later dropped as a band name, but titled his first major label album after). Schneider's musical approach as a solo artist has proven as eclectic as the diverse musical styles of his former bands -- a little bit singer/songwriter, a whole lot of bits and pieces of funk, country, rock, and folk. Because of the sexual nature of some of his lyrics, Schneider's music has been labeled as "adult alternative" by some.

He went on to record the major label solo albums, Lonelyland (2001) and I'm Good Now (2004), which garnered him significantly more national attention and some critical acclaim. "Big Blue Sea" from the Lonelyland album received some radio play, as did the title track from I'm Good Now. The track "Blue Skies for Everyone" was played during the opening sequence of the movie "Gunshy," starring Liam Neeson, while "The World Exploded Into Love" closed out the first episode of the television sitcom "Men in Trees," starring Anne Heche. "Bullets" appeared on the "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" soundtrack.

His contract with his labels (first Universal, and now Vanguard) allow him to release albums as "side projects" on his own label. Among the albums that have been self-released are, Galaxy Kings and I've Seen The End of the World and It Looks Like This. All of these side projects were re-released by Vanguard corresponding with the release of his 2006 album The Californian. Previously, these albums were of limited availability and only roughly 10,000 of the albums were printed. After releasing The Californian, his latest studio effort, he released Greatest Hits Live, recorded in Austin on July 17, 2006, by Shockorama Records, which is only available on his website.

Bob remains committed to playing smaller venues and thrives on the energy of the stage. He currently plays regularly at the Saxon Pub and Antone's solo in Austin, Texas, as well as with Lonelyland or the Scabs on occasion, while touring relentlessly. Although he tours nationwide, he is still known as a true Austin musician. His musical influences spread into the far reaches of musical culture--funk, soul, folk, lounge, rap, punk, even some melodic experimentalism.

He is also known for having dated Sandra Bullock--the breakup that followed their passionate relationship became fodder for his music. It has been speculated that much of his initial national recognition was fostered by his famous girlfriend, but he has maintained a loyal following even after the two parted ways.

Schneider toured with The Dixie Chicks in 2006. He is a reserved yet self-proclaimed supporter of free speech. Bob's current appearances are regularly updated on his Myspace music page.

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