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Darkness Descends Chords
First Tab, just realized there aren't any decent tabs of this great song. This one 
isn't completely perfect, definitely not sure on a couple chords, the Bm7 in 
particular. Any suggestions would be great!!

G                      Bm7
Your holding bits of styrofoam
           Dsus4(add9)              G
With your face painted on to your friends
You listen to them whine and moan
       Dsus4(add9)            G
About everything you can't understand
   Asus4    A    Asus2           A
Can I just say I don't feel the light,
     Asus4     A           Asus2          A 
But darkness descends once more into my life

G                       Bm7
     And suddenly we're all alone
    Dsus4(add9)             G
In silence so I take a step away
I look up to the falling snow 
      Dsus4(add9)            G
As it makes its home upon my face
        Asus4            A      Asus2           A   
Well I wouldn't want to ruin something I couldn't save
    Asus4            A      Asus2           A 
The gap will keep us safe, the gap will keep us safe

Bm         A   Bm                A
     Step away,  get me when I'm down

G                    Bm7
    And suddenly I'm 5 years old 
        Dsus4(add9)             G
And I'm just so cold I want to cry
I haul up on my gentlemen
         Dsus4(add9)                G
Who have always been there in hard times
       Asus4      A       Asus2       A
They're just not like that man of mine 
    Asus4  A       Asus2     A
Who visits me from time to time

Bm       A   Bm           A
    My love,   I treasure you

G                     Bm7
I hear that summers coming back 
     Dsus4(add9)                G
So I stretch out my back and travel on
The winter though it darkens me 
      Dsus4(add9)              G
It is pure and clean and all I want
     Asus4  A       Asus2     A 
Ill apologise to the ones I love 
      Asus4  A            Asus2     A
For leaving them when the sun comes up

Bm      A            Bm              A
   Too bright for me,   darkens descends
Em               A              Em                A
Oh well I'm not well again and once more darkness it descends
     Em                A
The ground is falling under me
    Em               A
And I cant find the means to leave

G                       Bm7
   Convinced that I am going mad
    Dsus4(add9)              G
Oh I bury my head into his hands
So sure that I am losing faith 
      Dsus4(add9)                  G
Oh I clear a space in his fathers land
      Asus4   A   Asus2     A
You deal with god far too young,
  Asus4        A       Asus2     A     D?
Before you know it your life has run away

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About the artist behind Darkness Descends Chords:

Laura Beatrice Marling (born 1 February 1990), is a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Reading, Berkshire, England.

Marling has toured with a number of well-known indie artists in the UK including Jamie T, who personally invited her on tour with him last year after he attended her second-ever gig.

She performed at the 2007 O2 Wireless Festival and also performed at the first Underage Music Festival in August 2007 at Victoria Park, East London.

Her debut single came out on WayOutWest Records, with a new single coming out soon on Virgin Records. She appeared on The Rakes track "Suspicious Eyes", from the band's second album Ten New Messages and Mystery Jets track "Young Love" released 10 March, 2008.[1] from their second album. She often collaborates with indie band Noah and the Whale, and Charlie Fink, lead singer of Noah and the Whale, produced her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim.[2]

She recently appeared on Later with Jools Holland where she performed the song "New Romantic". Marling's debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim was released on February 4, 2008.

Despite playing sold-out venues over the past few months, Laura has spoken of how she still finds larger venues scary.[3]

Marling was once refused access to one of her own performances, for being underage. She instead chose to perform on the street.[4]

She is currently the supporting artist at the Adam Green concerts in Europe and in New York.[1][2]

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