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Im Singing Chords
I’m Singing
By Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Kari Jobe/© 2008 Gateway Create Publ., sixsteps Music, Vamos Publ.

INTRO:  |D     A/D     |G            |D     A/D     |G           

     D                            Bm
Only one name lasts forever, only one fame stands alone
     D/A                              Em    D/F#     G     A
Only one king has an anthem that goes on and on and on

        D              A                Bm              G
And I'm singing to the God who brings redemption to the nations
D                A             Bm    G
Kings and oceans bow to Him in praise
        D              A                 Bm             G
And I'm singing to the God who wrote the book on our salvation
   Em             D/F#         G
||:To the One who covers me in grace :|| I'm singing    (on rpt: And I’m…)

VERSE 2:  |D     A/D     |G            |D     A/D     |G           
     D                               Bm
Only one Word in the beginning, only one Truth will prevail
     D/A                             Em      D/F#     G       A
Only one Love brings a freedom, only one Man took the nails

D                     A/C#    Em                    G
Praise, praise to the Savior, praise to the Lamb of God
D                    A/C#      Em                    G
Praise in all of His splendor, praise, for saving my life    (to CHORUS 2x soft then building)

END:  |D   A/D   |G        |D   A/D   |G        | D   A/D   |G        |D   A/D   |G        |D

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