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Sandy Chords
Jackson Scott ~ Sandy

CAPO 2 Standard Tuning

Off "Melbourne"

The recording is detuned à la Mr. Scott's cool-indie-guy-on-drugs-persona, so this may sound a little
off if played along with the studio version.

Please leave suggestions if anything's wrong; I'm glad to edit this if necessary.

C      G
Little kids

Bm          G
sitting all around

wishing they were 

Em     Am7    D
sound asleep again

C       G
Heard a noise

Bm               G
started with the boys 

didn't have a

Em          Am7     D
choice this time I guess

off you go

  A     B
into forever

Live and die

these ties will

B     C     Cmaj7
sever now

C       G
Mommy's gone

   Bm             G
he took her right along

always something 

Em         Am7     D
wrong with him you know

C        G
And they say

     Bm             G
just look the other way

another living 

Em     Am7      D
day is here for you

Took them to

     A         B
what some call heaven

children lost

    A      B     E
all twenty seven gone

A    B    E    A   B   
Ahhh ahhhh ahha ahhh..... 

Off you go

   A    B
into forever

live and die

these ties will

sever now 
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