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All Of My Days Chords
.Bsus4   A7 
x22452   X02120


INTRO:E  Esus4  E  Esus4  E  Esus4  E  Esus4

E   Esus4      E      Esus4
Exalta tu grandeza
E    Esus4  E      Esus4
Proclama tu poder
  E    Esus4    E     Esus4
Declara hoy tu Reino
 E    Esus4   E     Esus4
De eterna paz

Esus4   A7    E/G#   Bsus4
Y mis ojos yo alzaré a Tí
        A7           E/G#
Cautivado estoy por tu

E/G#      A
Por siempre
         C#m7       Bsus4
yo cantaré tu grandeza
E/G#       A
Por   siempre
          C#m7         B
yo de tu gracia hablaré
E        B/D#
Por  siempre
         A/C#            G#7
yo contaré de tu grande amor
    A7  B        A7 
Tu amor en mi ser,
    A7      B
tu amor

E  Esus4  E  Esus4  E  Esus4  E  Esus4

E    Esus4     E   Esus4
Tus hijos te bendícen
E     Esus4 E      Esus4
Te exalta la creación
 E    Esus4     E    Esus4
Andamos en tu gracia
E    Esus4   E    Esus4
Declaramos tu bondad
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About the artist behind All Of My Days Chords:

Hillsong United is the youth ministry of Hillsong Church. The youth ministry is combined of four different ages groups that meet separately but have "United" nights when they come together. The different age groups are; Fuel for years 7 to 9 at school, Wildlife for years 10 to 12 at school, Powerhouse for ages 18 to 25 and Frontline for ages 25 to 35.

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