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Wonderful God Chords
Hillsong Wonderful God
Album : God He Reigns

      F        G       F          G
Wonderful  God,  wonderful  Oh God
      F        G       F          G
Wonderful  God,  wonderful  Oh God

        Am              C 
You are worthy of all glory 
    Em                   G 
all honour and all praise 
all to You our God 
   C              G 
forever and always 
        F                C 
You are worthy of our worship 
and worthy of our love 
   F               G          
We stand in awe of all you are 
Am  C  G  Am  C  G 

C                     F 
Beautiful is Your creation 
            Em              G 
You're glorious in every way 
         F                  C 
You surround us with Your faithful love 
            Em                 G 
and we can trust in all You say 
     Fmaj7   G     Fmaj7     G 
Wonderful God Wonderful O God 
         Dm           Am 
You are love You are life 
        F           G 
You are all glorious 
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