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Subversives Chords
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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:54:14 -0600
From: Kevin Fredrick Cumming 
Subject: CRD: l/lowest_of_the_low/subversives.crd

The Lowest of The Low
album: Shakespeare my Butt...

transcribed: by Kevin Cumming

All right all you Low fans, here's one of Ron's best songs and a
crowd favorite. Enjoy!!

E       B                   A  B
There^?s something subversive, about you and me
E              B                   A
Well there^?s a market value on love
And we^?re getting something for free
A            Ab                  Dbm
I don^?t know why but when we^?re apart
          A                E
Something makes me want to start
Setting fires and kicking down doors
A         Ab              Dbm
I hope we never have to resort
   A                E                 B
To dividing what is mine and what is yours

E        B                A          B
There^?s something coercive about the way some people smile
E     B                A    B
Wide open as if to say come on in and browse a while
A       Ab                            Dbm
And sometimes when your resistance is low
  A             E               B
Remember that I know who^?s your favorite Pogue

A  Ab  Dbm   A   E  B

F#m       B
There^?s a place in my soul where
A               E
No one else can adore you
F#m          B
And like the poet-soldier says
A                      E      B
I would spill my blood for you

E       B                A  B
There^?s nothing conclusive in this whole world
E     B                    A
Cause flags can change and martyrs die
And there^?s many towns left to burn
A       Ab                      Dbm
But somewhere between there and here
    A                 E
For one night hold me near
And sing my shallow tears
A          Ab                  Dbm
And we^?ll drink, but not to forget
    A             E             B
But to remember instead all our happy years

Dbm   A   F#m   B   x until fade

E	022100
B	x24442
A	x02220
Ab	466544
Dbm	046654
F#m	244222

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