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4 Oclock Stop Tab
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Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 09:47:44 -0500
From: David McLean 
Subject: l/lowest_of_the_low/4_oclock_stop.crd

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Song:  4 O'Clock Stop
Group:  The Lowest of the Low
Album:  Shakespear My Butt
Transcribed by Dave McLean

INTRO  	Em D A C -- 3 times

   Em               A   C          D        Em                    A
	I don't know why you won't leave me alone.  Keep your mind off of me,
     C          D       Em                         D
and keep your fingers away from the phone.  Because, I won't return your
Em    D              G    Em      C     D               Em
kiss, and sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Well, I can't handle this.
    Em                  A   C           D           Em
     It's alright for you, it doesn't make you an asshole.  It's alright for
A   C          D     Em               D                             Em  D
me, my life circles around it though.  And I shouldn't close your eyes, and
           G      Em      C   D              Em   D
kiss each one a thousand times if my heart lies.

         G                               D                             Em
CHORUS	I was standing minding my own business when you came up and
                          C          G                                 D
decided you'd mind it for me.  With a short list of long demands and a five-
                                 Em                               C
gallon pail of sinking sand that you assured me I could take or leave.  But,
   G                                 D
it never seems to work that way, it seems there's always so much more to
Em                                   C
say, and it's always somewhere in between.

(riff played during last line)
True or not it's a four o'clock stop.

SOLO (Em A C D Em  continues in the background)


(8/7  9/7 riff continues until lyrics begin again)

         G  D          Em C           G D           Em C           G  D
Before I die, before I die.  Before I die, before I die.  Before I die,
         Em C
before I die,

I would like to see you smile.
    Em                        A     C        D                   Em
	My heart is dressed in black, and her heart is dressed in green.
                            A        C            D  Em                D
'Cause you're beautiful in blue and every other color in between.  But,
                  Em  D                        G     Em    C   D
rainbows are for skies, and hesitation is for sad regretful eyes, and long
 Em                      D                     Em   D
goodbyes.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, rainbows are for skies, and hesitation is for
 G    Em      C  D              Em                C  D             Em
sad regretful eyes, and long goodbyes.  Regretful eyes, and long goodbyes.
          C  D              Em
Regretful eyes, and long goodbyes.

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