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Metamorfosis Adolescente Tab - Flema

Metamorfosis Adolescente Tab
1º guitarra toca el punteo





2º guitarra toca acordes: D F G A

D          F         G          A
Ya no hay nada en mi,  me obligaron a crecer
D      F       G         A
Mi imaginación, me obligaron a matar
D      F        G         A
ya no puedo ser, me obligaron a soñar
D       F           G         A
mi infancia termino, me obligaron a mentir

D         F        G     A
Te quiero, te odio, necesito tu calor
D         F        G     A
te quiero, te odio

D      F        G       A
No me mires asi, no voy a confiar en vos
D      F           G        A
yo no tengo futuro, yo no quiero envejecer

D         F         G          A
Revolver, suicidio, la sangre comienza a correr
Revolver, suicidio, la sangre comienza a correr
Revolver, suicidio, la sangre comienza a correr
Revolver, suicidio, la sangre comienza a correr
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About the artist behind Metamorfosis Adolescente Tab:

Flema was an Argentine punk rock band, one of the most important and influential in the country, that managed to find a unique style among other punk bands. The last configuration of the band was: Ricardo Espinosa (Vocals and Guitar), Fernando Rossi (Bass), Luis Garibaldo (Guitar), and Pepe Carvallo (Drums). Their songs usually deal with loneliness, alcohol and drugs, friends, women, politics, and complaints about the tough things in life. Their songs have titles like "borrachos en la esquina" (drunken on the corner), "Semen de buey" (bullock semen), "Blanco cristal" (White crystal, a reference to cocaine). The band leader, Ricardo Espinosa (also known as 'Ricky') was a very controversial and beloved figure, and the core and spirit of Flema. Always drunk, always on coke, always in trouble, often the band could not play on a scheduled date because Ricky and other band members were detained at a local police station.

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