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Lazy Sunday Afternoon Chords
lazy sunday-libertines versoin on the blackball soundtrack

D  G  E  A  
D  G  E

A              E       G              D         A     
Wouldn't it be nice to get on with me neighbors
         A             E            G               D      A
But they make it very clear they've got no room for ravers

They stop me from groovin, they bang on me wall
They're doin me crust in it's no good at all,

A     D           A                G              F        G
Lazy sunday afternoon, I've got no mind to worry, close my eyes and
Drift away 
A           E    G         D
Here we all are sittin in a rainbow
A           E    G         D

Theres no one to hear me, theres nothin to say,
And no one can stop me from feelin this way

A     D           A             G        
Lazy sunday afternoon, I got no mind to worry,
F        G              C#m   F#m   D   E
Close my eyes and drift away

A              E     G              D
what did ya do today?what did ya do today?
A               E    G              D
what did ya do today?what did ya do today?

i sing a song with no word and no tune
ill sing a couple whilst you set out the mood

A    D           A                G  
Lazy sunday afternoon I've got no mind to worry
F        G             C#m
Close my eyes and drift away
         F#m            D
Close my eyes and drift away
         E              A
Close my eyes and drift away

robert loustau pete doherty is innocent

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About the artist behind Lazy Sunday Afternoon Chords:

The Libertines were an English rock band formed in London in 1997 and active until 2004. Part of what was described as the garage rock revival movement of that time, the band was centred on the song-writing partnership and 'chemistry'[1] of Pete Doherty (vocals/rhythm guitar), Carl BarĂ¢t (vocals/lead guitar), John Hassall (bass) and Gary Powell (drums).

The band gained some notoriety[2] in the early 2000s. Although initially their mainstream success was limited, their profile grew culminating in a #2 single and #1 album in the UK Charts. In December 2004, their self-titled second album was voted the second best album of the year by NME. Both of their full-length LPs were produced by Mick Jones, of the British punk band The Clash.

However, the band's music was often eclipsed by its internal conflicts, many of which stemmed from Doherty's addictions to crack cocaine and heroin, ultimately resulting in the breakup of the band. The members of The Libertines have gone on to new bands, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success.

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