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Its A Shame About Ray Chords
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"It's A Shame About Ray"

Originally posted by: ?
Corrected by:  Chris Bray ([email protected])

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Weird chords:

E/G#        :  4x245x
Gsus2(add6) :  3x0230
D/F#        :  2x023x


 G|----------------|    (x 2)

Intro:  | A | E | D | D | A | E/G# | Gsus2(add6) | D/F# |  Riff

 A               E                  D
 I've never been too good with names.
 A                 E/G#         Gsus2(add6)      D/F#
    The cellar door was open, I could never stay away.
 A                E                  D
    I know it's prob'ly not my place.
 A                 E/G#           Gsus2(add6)   D/F#
    It's either or, I'm hoping for a simple way   to say.

  A              E           D
     It's a shame about Ray.
  A           E/G#                Gsus2(add6)    D/F#
     In the stone, under the dust, his name is still engraved.
  A                   E             D
     Some things need   to go away.
  A               E       D             Riff (x2)
     It's a shame   about Ray.

| A | E | D | D | A | E/G# | Gsus2(add6) | D/F# |

{Repeat verse chords}
 If I make it through today,
 I'll know tomorrow not to put my feelings out on display.
 I'll put the cobwebs back in place.
 I've never been to good with names, but I remember faces.

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About the artist behind Its A Shame About Ray Chords:

The Lemonheads are an American alternative rock band, formed in 1986 by singer/guitarist Evan Dando, who has been the only constant member.

Since forming, recording, and touring lineups of the band have also included co-founder Ben Deily, John Strohm (Blake Babies), Doug Trachten, Jesse Peretz, Corey Loog Brennan, Juliana Hatfield (Blake Babies), Nic Dalton (Godstar, Sneeze, The Plunderers), Dave Ryan, Patrick "Murph" Murphy (Dinosaur Jr), Bill Gibson (Eastern Dark), Mark Newman, Kenny Lyon, Vess Ruhtenberg, Devon Ashley, Karl Alvarez, Bill Stevenson and various others.

The Lemonheads' popularity grew in 1992 with the album It's a Shame about Ray, featuring a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson", which eventually became one of the band's most successful singles to date. Cited as one of the most important alternative rock groups, The Lemonheads were active until 1997 and went on hiatus, but reformed in 2005 and released a new studio album in the following year. The band is currently working on their next album that should be released in the summer/fall of 2008.[1]

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