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Diet Pill Chords
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From: Raymond Vellani 

Diet Pill, by L7

            she doesn't just have a brat - she has *twins*.

            tricky chords in the chorus; play top E and B strings open
                         B  799800
                         E  577600

E       F E      F E     FE     G G        X2

E                     F E              F E      F E      G G
my diet pill is wearing off

E                     F E              F E      F E     G G
my diet pill is wearing off


E B A                               G E G G#
E B A                               G E G# G
          ????soiling the sheets with red
E B A                               G E G G#
                      the twins are in the car
E B A                               G E G# G
                           the fryin pan is red

calgon can't take me away
no, calgon can't take me away
from the things i did today


E G E         G E G# G
             i'm outta here
E G E         G E G# G
             i'm outta here
E G E         G E G# G
             i'm outta here
E G F          G F    G F    G

i think the swelling is going down
yes, i think that the swelling is going down
200 dollars to leave this town


[the "i'm outta here" section]

E      G F    G F    G         X3............. then  E

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About the artist behind Diet Pill Chords:

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