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Take Me In Chords
Capo 2


Take me past the outer courts
Into the Holy Place
Past the brazen altar
        Em              D
Lord I want to see your face
Pass me by the crowds of people
And the Priests who sing your praise
I hunger and thirst for your righteousness
Am                          D
But it's only found in one place

        Em               D
Take me into the holy of holies
        C                      Em    D
Take me in by the blood of the lamb
        Em               D
Take me into the holy of holies
         C              Bm           Em
Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am

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About the artist behind Take Me In Chords:

Kutless is a Christian rock band formed in 1999 from Portland, Oregon. The band was previously under the name "Call Box" from 2000-2001. As Kutless, they have released four full-length studio albums, the most recent being titled Hearts of the Innocent (2006). Their next album, To Know That You're Alive, is set to be released on June 24, 2008.[1]

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