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Let Love Win Chords
Let Love Win

Capo 2

 F:133211 (barre)


F  C  G  Am  2x

Verse 1:

Lord Your love builds bridges that cannot be burned
G                      Am
It speaks truth that cannot be learned
F                       Am    G
It’s a treasure we can never earn
   F                            Am  
Oh, it goes places we’re afraid of going
G                            Am
It’s not a fist it’s a hand wide open
F                        Am        G
Reaching out to the down and broken

Chorus 1:

We believe Your love 
           F      C
Is the strongest way
          G        Am
You’re tearing down walls 
          F      C
And You break our chains
Even in this darkness 
           F     C
Hope will rise again
       G         Am
When we lay down our weapons 
         F      C
We will let love win
        G         Am
Lord, we lay down our weapons 
        F        C
And we let love win

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:

           F                        Am
Lord Your love is a friend to its enemies
G                         Am
It takes a hit then turns a cheek
F                       Am       G
You laid down Your life for peace
     F                     Am
Oh, love won’t cast a single stone
G                         Am
It’s never proven by words alone
F                           Am    G
You come alive in our flesh and bones 
And in our souls

Repeat Chorus


F                    Am
What if fighting for our beliefs
Looks more like surrendering
Though that’s the hardest thing
F                   Am
What if standing up for what’s right
Means laying down our pride
             Em       F
Even laying down our lives

Chorus 2:

We believe Your love 
           F      C
Is the strongest way
          G        Am
You’re tearing down walls 
          F      C
And You break our chains
Even in this darkness 
           F     C
Hope will rise again
       G         Am
When we lay down our weapons 
         F      C
We will let love win 

Repeat Chorus 1

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