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Mothers Ruin Chords
Mother's Ruin - Kirsty Maccoll

'Mother's ruin' 

She said to herself 
'I'm just screwing my own mental health' 

But Fridays and Saturdays 
She walks down those alleyways 

A latter day lady of the lamp 

How you doing? 

You ain't from 'round here 

Won't you come in? 
I'm really not scared- 

'Cause Fridays and Saturdays 
I still do it anyways 

And anything is better than out here 

Now don't wake me up again 

Don't let me feel anything 
But when you go 

Let me dream that I go with you 
               E          F#m
So I won't cry myself dry anymore 

Mothers ruin 

Their own little girls 

Keep them dreaming 
There's more to this world 

But turn her the other way 
And every day's Father's Day 

He stays until there's nothing left to say 

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