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Rhapsody Chords
Kira and the kindred spirits - The Rhapsody
tabbed by Alexander Staeger

This is my very first tab so please bear with me if it's not 100% correct...
Tried playing it while listening to the song and it sounds about right so enjoy.


AM, F, AM, F

AM          F           AM        F     G
I have seen love escape out of my hands, before
       AM      F         AM           F           G
Like a captive bird long awaiting the tilt of the door
       E/A                                                 C
And it seems that it's all I withhold keeps you coming for more
That it's all I don't tell
Keeps you under the spell

Won't you stay a while and comfort me
Relieve me of my sanity
Make me part of a greater totality
I'd surrender it all for a fantasy

AM, F, AM, F

        AM       F           AM        F             G
Darling kiss me again I will try to pretend that I'm with you
       AM          F      AM           F            G
But my heart is on hold resisting it's ache to sink with you
       E/A                                              C
If you master the word then you know of it's longing to trick you
And then it's all I don't tell
That keeps you under the spell

I was warned of the search of sagacity
of desolating my destiny
of becoming a victim of vanity
But I'm still in love with the rhapsody


Em, B, G, D, C,| Em, B, G, D, C, B x2

I tried Valium and Ecstasy
Em           B     G      D    
None of which have set me free
I tried Sigmund Freudian therapy
       B                 D
and it seemed to get the best of me
I tried the arms of strong men you see
Em          B     G         D
none of whom have rescued me
and I tried and tried just to let it be 
but I do not have the capacity

AM                F           AM        F        G
Cause I have seen love escape out of my hands, before...

It's a great song and I hope you can use my chords. feel free to contact me with corrections
since I'm eager to improve my skills... ;)

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