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Guess Who Chords
A               Aaug        Bm7    E7
Someone who really loves you, guess who
   Bm    Bmmaj7       Bm7  E7      A    G | F#m| E       
Someone      who really cares,  guess who          

D                Dm7   Eb7         A     G       F#     
So open your heart           and soon you´ll see 
        Bm7             E7          A           D7| Eb7 | A | E7
that the someone who really cares is me

A               Aaug        Bm7    E7
Someone will wait eternally, guess who
   Bm    Bmmaj7       Bm7  E7            A    G | F#m| E 
Someone       who'll want your love, Oh so desp'rately

D                Dm7   Eb7              A     G       F#        
Open your heart,               Oh, then surely you'll see,
          Bm7           E7                              A D7| Eb7 | A | E7
Oh, that the someone who really cares, Who really cares is me

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