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Dagen Fur Chords
Kim Larsen - Dagen før

C 	(C)
Tiden, den er gået
E 	(E)
med raske vingeslag
F 	Am
Det er lang tid siden
G 	G
den første dag
C 	C
Men jeg kan stadig huske
E 	E
dit smil og din makeup
F 	Am
Jeg blev stående da du kom gående
G	 G
for jeg fik et chok

C 	Am	 G
Dagen før var du kun en lille tøs
C 	Am 	 E 
for lille og for bange til at gå løs.
F         Am
G	 Am
Madonna, tænkte jeg
F	 Am             F G
hvem der kunne få fat på dig

Dine øjne er grønne,
det så jeg pludselig
For du kiggede et kort sekund
da du gik forbi
Og alting stod stille
i netop det sekund
og min dingeling (uh) den tikkede
så det gjorde ondt.

Dagen før...

Sub. by madsthemunk

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About the artist behind Dagen Fur Chords:

Kim Larsen (born October 23, 1945 in Copenhagen) is a Danish rock musician.

Inspired by The Beatles and rock and roll, Larsen began as a songwriter and guitarist. In 1969 he met Franz Beckerlee and Wili Jønsson, and the three founded Gasolin' which, later joined by drummer Søren Berlev, became one of the most successful Danish rock bands. The band dissolved in the late 1970s and has always refused to reform although they remain very popular decades after their seventies heyday, which has contributed to their myth and magic. In 2006, the documentary movie Gasolin' directed by Anders Østergaard, gave the history of the band and became a big hit in Denmark.

In the 1970s, following trends found in North America and the United Kingdom, Danish popular music styles began to diverge and audiences fragment. Many rock musicians in Denmark began to compose music and texts that reflected more realistic Danish social settings and ideals. Danish musicologist Charlotte Rørdam Larsen states that in the 1970s, Danish groups such as Kim Larsen's Gasolin' gave Danish music a special Danish rhythm and significance, linguistically, if not wholly distinct musically from international styles.

Kim Larsen released a number of solo albums in the eighties, topping in 1983 with the album Midt om natten (In the Middle of the Night), which became the most sold Danish music album in history, with more than 532,000 copies sold. In 1986, he founded the band Kim Larsen & Bellami and released four albums until 1992, when the band broke up. He then released another solo album, Hvem kan sige nej til en engel (Who Can Say No To An Angel). In 1995, Larsen moved to Odense, the main city of the island of Funen, and found new success with his new band, Kim Larsen & Kjukken and the Swedish producer Max Lorentz.

Kim Larsen has had a number of successful album releases throughout the 80s, 90s and 00s and is possibly the most successful artist in Danish popular music history. As a solo artist, Larsen has sold approximately 3 million records, a remarkable feat considering Denmark's total population of approximately 5.4 million people (as of 2005). In the 2000s Larsen remains a top concert draw and continues to be very popular in Denmark and Scandinavia.

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