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Whatever Shes Got Chords (ver 4) - David Nail

Whatever Shes Got Chords
Verse 1:

               Eadd9     B                           F#          G#m7
She's a little complicated, she'll make her mind up just to change it.
                        Eadd9      B           F#       
The kind of girl that keeps you waiting, waiting around.
                      Eadd9            B                 F#                     G#m7
She likes to get her toes done bright red, she's always reapplying her lipstick
               Eadd9                 B                  F#     
The muddy river bank she's the first in, and the last out.

                 G#m7                               F#
She's got something I can't figure out, that everybody's talkin' bout'

               Eadd9       B                       F#                        G#m7
She's got the blue jeans painted on tight, that everybody wants on a Saturday night.
          Eadd9            B                        F#                            G#m7
She's got the mood ring she's never the same She's sunny one minute then she's pouring down rain 
    Eadd9     B                      F#                    G#m7                       
and she'll do whatever she wants, when she moves every jaw gonna drop 
    Eadd9             B
and I do, but I don't want her to stop.
  F#                         Eadd9                 B
I want, I want, I want. Whatever she's got.
F#                        Eadd9     B    F#
Yeah, I want whatever she's got.

Verse 2:

              Eadd9              B                      F#                G#m7
Tell your mind before you thought it, what you thought your plan was park it.
                 Eadd9              B            F#       
To figure out where your heart is, so twist it up.
                   Eadd9       B                     F#             G#m7
Have you spending every weekend, and every penny you've been keeping.
                 Eadd9         B                                   F#       
Just to figure out what she's thinking, when you're thinking it's love.

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