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Triumph Chords
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright  2003 Kevin M. Thomas

(Picking and Single Strum)
Fadd9 G Asus4 Fadd9 G Asus4 A

    Em                     C         Dsus4    Em  Asus4 
The seeds of the field are sown from birth to mother. 
    Em                   C          Dsus4    Em    Asus4
The yield of the harvest grows when works compare. 
  Em                  C         Dsus4    Em   Asus4
A child will take the lead; not words of others. 
     Em                      C          Dsus4  Em     Asus4
They watch, they learn, they speak what is but there. 

   Em               C           Dsus4  Em  Asus4
Despite the seasons drought the farmer tends. 
  Em                C       Dsus4  Em      Asus4
Endurance fuels the yoke so life sustains. 
     Em                 C          Dsus4      Em   Asus4
What once was youth now thinks and sees their own. 
    Em         C          Dsus4    Em     Asus4
The evil circumvents from patience grown. 

    Fadd9           G          Asus4 
The child, once innocent, runs free.
    Fadd9          G                   Asus4 
But when the child falls, what then do we? 
    Fadd9               G            Asus4
The choice, the path is ours abundantly. 
Fadd9           G                  Asus4
Cultivate their triumph for all to see.

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