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Compassionate Fire Chords
Compassionate Fire
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright  2003 Kevin M. Thomas

C G6 G F G A C G6 G F G A

The moonlit sunrise; 
    Em    Dmadd9  A      
the tears upon my face.
The darkest passion; 
    Em      Dmadd9 A
the mystery of the chase.
So many moments;
    Em       Dmadd9 A 
the depth of the embrace.
As brilliant as the sun;
  Em       Dmadd9     A 
a gem that blinds all space. 

The hostile fire;
   Em        Dmadd9  A 
consumes but all the field.
The ocean waters;
 Em   Dmadd9 A  
Aquarius reveals.
The gentle silence;
    Em       Dmadd9 A 
the presence magical.
Escapes reality;
  Em         Dmadd9 A 
a force that blazes free. 

C        G6     G
When the moment comes;
    F       G           A 
the passion bleeds with fire.
    C      G6    G 
The mental giant reigns;
   F      G    A 
we follow with aspire.
    C       G6       G 
The brief encounters bring;
     F    G      A 
such ravenous desire.
   C    G6         G 
Forever will there be;
  F     G             A 
intense compassionate fire.

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