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Aging Faceslosing Places Chords - Kevin Drew

Aging Faceslosing Places Chords
Artist>Kevin Drew
Song>Aging Faces/Losing Places
Album>Spirit If...

tabbed by chris aka the pacific me

Cadd9                          Fmaj7
Pack the morning up it's gone away, 
Cadd9                   Fmaj7
everybody here is wide awake, 
Cadd9                      Fmaj7
I'm addicted to your aging face, 
Cadd9                            Fmaj7
little deaths and little lives replaced

Cadd9 Fmaj7     x2

Cadd9                               Fmaj7
seize the back me ups and climb the stairs, 
Cadd9                          Fmaj7
fraction of the man who didn't care...
Cadd9                                Fmaj7
idols are the parks designed for the weak
Cadd9                         Fmaj7
you and me and me and you and me

Dm G            x4
Cadd9 Fmaj7     x2

Cadd9                       Fmaj7
all the former fathers re-appear, 
Cadd9                        Fmaj7
try to find a space close to hear
Cadd9                           Fmaj7
place the bruises up inside the clocks, 
Cadd9                         Fmaj7
this is hard and then this is not...
Cadd9                            Fmaj7
leave me standing with my lady's death, 
Cadd9                              Fmaj7
housing up the holdes like we're a breath
Cadd9                           Fmaj7
geuss the night pretends to be asleep
Cadd9                         Fmaj7
you and me and me and you and me

Dm G

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