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Iron Moon Chords
                             IRON MOON - CHELSEA WOLFE
Tabbed by: blackheartangel

Tuning: EADGBE

Em/B = x22000

In the verses you can strum the chords once and then pluck the G and D strings.

* = single strum

Dm Em Am x4

   C   Em/B    D   Am 
a dead sun, a pale glow
 C        Em/B     D       Am
upon the walls i feign to know
    C      Em/B         D         Am
we bear no fruit, no flowers, no life
    C      Em/B        D   Am
and we get sick but never die

C   Em/B   D  Am
become an echo
C   Em/B     D  Am
resounding “let go”

C  Em/B         D   Am
my heart is a tomb
C   Em/B        D     Am
my heart is an empty room
C    Em/B      D   Am
i’ve given it away
C   Em/B         D      Am
i never want to see it again

Dm Em Am x4

  C     Em/B     D        Am
i go to him in paths of dreams
    C   Em/B        D      Am
in bed awake with shadow beings
      C     Em/B       D        Am
they crawl inside and wait with me
        C     Em/B   D       Am
the creatures here become machines

C Em/B D Am
walk with me 
C Em/B D Am
to a place of trust
C Em/B D Am
death will no 
C Em/B D Am
longer silence us

C  Em/B         D   Am
my heart is a tomb
C   Em/B        D     Am
my heart is an empty room
C    Em/B      D   Am
i’ve given it away
C   Em/B         D      Am
i never want to see it again
     C        Em/B         D  Am
and all your words could save me
     C        Em/B   D      Am
but keep your love away from me
    C      Em/B     D   Am
in all the worlds decaying
     C*  Em/B*         D*    Am*
is there place that’s safe for us?

C* Em/B* D* Am* x2

Dm  Em         Am           
my heart is a tomb
Dm  Em          Am
my heart is an empty room
Dm    Em       Am
i’ve given it away
Dm      Em          Am
i’ve swallowed the iron moon
Dm Em Am
Dm Em Am
Dm Em Am
Dm Em Am

Dm Em Am x2

End on Am

Strumming pattern: I like D DUDU, and like I said for the verses and the last line of the normal chorus 
"is there place that’s safe for us?" you can strum the chord once and pluck the G then D string.

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