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Metal Health Chords
A Csus2 G G C-A-C-A     x2
A Csus2 G G C-A-C-A G D x2

             A           Asus2(#4)
Well, I'm an axegrinder, piledriver
C/A                Asus2(#4)
Mother says that I never, never mind her
A              Asus2(#4)
Got no brains, I'm insane
C/A                       Asus2(#4)
The teacher says that I'm one big pain

A                 B/A
I'm like a laser, six-streamin' razor
C/A                   B/A
I got a mouth like an alligator
A                 B/A
I want it louder, more power
C/A                       D               
I'm gonna rock ya till it strikes the hour

G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad
G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad


          A             Asus2(#4)
Well, I'm remonstrated, outdated
C/A                 Asus2(#4)
I really want to be over-rated
      A                Asus2(#4)
I'm a finder and I'm a keeper
          C/A                  Asus2(#4)
I'm not a loser and I ain't no weeper

A              B/A
I got the boys to make the noise
C/A               B/A
Won't ever let up hope it annoys you
A              B/A
Join the pack, fill the crack
C/A                            B/A
Well, now you're here, there's no way back

G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad
G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad

A                               C
Metal health'll cure you, crazy
G                             C
Metal health'll cure you, mad
A                               C
Metal health is what we all need
G                     A
It's what you have to have


(here listen to the song for timing)
G    D    A    C G
Bang your head, wake the dead
C A                 C G
We're all metal mad, it's all you have
             A    C G
So bang your head    and raise the dead
C  A                 C G            C    A
Oh yeah, Metal health, it's not too bad, bad, bad, bad

G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad
G    D    A    Csus2 G  G               C-A-C-A
Bang your head!         Metal health'll drive you mad

(sung over the chorus)
Oh, get your straight-jackets on tonight
Oh, the bad boys are gonna set you right
Oh, rock on, rock on, rock on!
Bang your head!

Chords used

 Asus2(#4)  C/A      B/A
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