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Concrete Schoolyard Chords
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Tablature by: Andy Waterhouse

Concrete Schoolyard
Jurassic 5

Here are the chords to the wicked tune by J5.  This is the real rhythm but try a funky rhythm with mutes.
(the hammer on in brackets is optional-just fills a bit of silence!)

   C            Eb  Bb    F  C       Eb  Bb    h

Anyone else that has tabbed any other J5 songs email me at [email protected] due to 
tabbing Jurassic 5!!


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About the artist behind Concrete Schoolyard Chords:

"Work It Out" was the first single to be released from the album Feedback by American hip hop group Jurassic 5. The track features vocals by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band on the chorus. The song was later included on the soundtrack of basketball game NBA Live 07.

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