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Angies Song Chords
For most of the D chords shown below, play the D D6 DM7 D6 pattern shown below.  There are a few more
embellishments you can add if you watch the videos.

Intro:  ( D ) x 4

D                                                   D
Let me be the one who mails you a vote of confidence, while you're laying there in jail
D                                                         D
Let me be the one who cries and moans to the hanging judge, gotta get my Baby some bail
                       G                                         D     D
Let me be the one who watches you from a distance, every Friday night

D                                               D                                      
Let me be the one who takes down your pusher man, when you finally loose your appetite
D                                                   D
Let me be the one who walks down to the liquor store, somebody else tonight
                            G                                                        D
Let me be the one who gets down on his hands and knees and thanks God that you're alright
Gonna be alright, Baby

       F#m                              G
Well I may run of out friends when the chips are down
F#m                           G
Run out of patience from the games in this town
    F#m               Em                           D            D
But Baby, Baby, I'll never run out of nothing for you, nothing Baby

Solo: D x4  G  D D

D                                                D
Let me be the one who's shoulder that you cry on, tellin me all those bad, bad stories
D                                                              D
Let me be the one who's got to learn how to forgive, cause he doesn't want to loose his road to glory
               G                                                  D     D
Let me be the one who cries like a baby when you finally see the light

D                                          D
Let me be the one with his eye on his faith, cause he knows God can fix, anything
D                                                  D
Let me be the one who shares His love and His grace, making a joyful noise when I sing
               G                                      D                D
Let me be the one who finally learnin how to hold on tight, I'm still here Baby

       F#m                              G
Well I may run of out friends when the chips are down
F#m                           G
Run out of patience from the games in this town
    F#m               Em                           D            D
But Baby, Baby, I'll never run out of nothing for you, nothing Baby
             D  D  D
Nothing for you

         D pattern throughout:

         D D6 DM7   D6

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