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Sunny December Chords
Intro: C (and between Part 1 and 2)

C           Em
love is a disease
       Am                             F
it infects what you believe about yourself and the others you need
       C                       Em
and love is not kind it won't smile and it won't shine
          Am                               F
it isn't there when you need it. you can't save it and you can't delete it
            C                                 Em                                            
and love is cruel and unforgiving and love is usually unwilling 
            Am                                                F
to give you back what you've been building it will scorch the earth just cos you're tilling it
            C                                 Em
and like a cat you've been petting, for every day and every single week, 
              Am                                                F
but when you need it and when you're feeling weak all it really wants to do is fall asleep
                C                                      Em
because love is vicious and love is spiteful but love also just doesn't care
           Am                                            F
so you can fight it but when you strike at it it'll just vanish like it was never there
      C                                       Em               
but believe me it's still there, not in your shoes or heart or hair 
                   Am                                        F
cos i've looked in all the obvious places and still haven't found it anywhere
            C                                    Em
but when i find it i will kill it, so that i can get on with my life
              Am                                       F
and regain composure of my posture and control of the thoughts in my own mind
         G                     Am                   F         
because love                      will break you apart.

         C                        Em
but now hate is accessible and jealousy is free
Am                                         F
   bitterness is easy and blame comes even easier for me.
     C                      Em
And lust is a game that you always will lose 
               Am                                 F
but who minds losing when each level has new contestants for you to choose 
                     C                       Em
and you can yell out Okay i'm finished, now i want to win!
                  Am                                  F
well too bad cos winning's not up to you, all you can do is choose when to begin
         C                                 Em
to start losing something different shaped vaguely like pride
         Am                                    F
but much bigger and much heavier and much much easier to find
             C                        Em
and once you give that away you will know
        Am                               F
by the sickness in your stomach and the numbness in your toes 
        G                 Am                   F                        
because love                  will break you apart
        G                 Am                   F                        
    and love                  will break you apart
        G                 Am                   F                        
        love                  will break you apart
        G                 F                    C
        love              is hard.
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