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The Ballad Of David Mchenry Tab - J Ward

The Ballad Of David Mchenry Tab
The Ballad of David McHenry " J. Ward

Tuning: EADGBe

Capo: 2nd Fret

The below chords and strumming patterns are used in each verse as well as the intro.
The chorus uses just the basic chords, as shown. 

    D       Dadd4/E   Gmaj7/B    Dadd4     G        G/B       Cadd9    G/E          

Verse 1

D    Dadd4/E     Gmaj7/B    Dadd4     
Some say there's not enough time
    G             G/B   Cadd9  G/E 
For brilliance to truly shine
    D               Dadd4/E  Gmaj7/B   Dadd4  
But this wasn't the case for David McH    
    G               G/B    Cadd9  G/E        
His star was always set to rise 

Verse 2

D  Dadd4/E  Gmaj7/B    Dadd4     
He had      done it all 
   G      G/B        Cadd9  G/E             
At sprint never at a crawl
         D            Dadd4/E        Gmaj7/B      Dadd4     
He could shoot, could steer, buy his mates a cold beer
      G            G/B      Cadd9  Asus4           
Clean cut but not afraid to brawl


C         G            
Shot down in his prime 
          Em                 D 
Trying to fight the evils of crime
      C                G 
Thank god for his like fighting the fight
         F          C         G   
He's the ink of the thin blue line

Verse 3

        D         Dadd4/E Gmaj7/B  Dadd4     
I could hardly believe my eyes
      G           G/B       Cadd9  G/E 
I was more than a little surprised
    D       Dadd4/E      Gmaj7/B  Dadd4     
The officer downed had a familiar sound
       G     G/B    Cadd9  G/E
It was me he breathalised?

Verse 4

         D             Dadd4/E  Gmaj7/B Dadd4
Now this tale couldn't been foretold
      G           G/B          Cadd9  G/E
And a grudge aint something to hold
      D               Dadd4/E      Gmaj7/B   Dadd4     
But i thought all the while with a hint of a smile
         G         G/B  Cadd9  Asus4
This was justice poetic style


C         G            
Shot down in his prime 
          Em                 D 
Trying to fight the evils of crime
      C                G 
Thank god for his like fighting the fight
         F          C         G   
He's the ink of the thin blue line
    F          C         G   
The ink of the thin blue line
    F          C         G   
The ink of the thin blue line

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