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Born At 5 Chords
Band: Bombadil
Song: Born at 5:00
Album: Metrics of Affection

Capo on the 5th fret. 

Strum C, first verse a-cappella. 

Verse 1

Born at 5:00, bright blue eyes

Mother beamed, father cried

His first words came from a song mom sang

Big sis wished it'd been her first name

And he took his first steps learned to live upright

He sat through school but he ran thru the night

And at thirteen kissed a girl but she didn't kiss back 

Verse 2

         C                    G
A name misspelled on the diploma
           F             C
Paycheck, road trip, Arizona
          C                          G
His first love wore her hair full of curls
               F                          C
They called it quits but he found another girl

              F                             C
And everyone stared as she walked down the aisle
                  G                           Am 
Kids got daddy's eyes and they stole momma's smile
           F                         C               G
And for a while there everything was goddamn peachy keen

Bridge: C, G, F, C, C, G, F, C

Verse 3

                 C         G
Until he cheated death at 35
               F                     C
Asleep at the wheel swerved just in time
                C                G
His heart grew cold and he lost touch
             F                          C 
The job was boring and the marriage was tough

                       F                         C
Then he saw a drop of blood roll down his son's face
                      G                          Am 
He was standing in a robe he was teaching him to shave
         F                       C               G
And he snapped out of it and he learned to love again

Verse 4

                  C                  G
But a stroke got dad and they buried mom
          F                C 
Once the cancer grew too strong
    C                   G
A lullaby from sister's lungs
                    F                          C
First tear in dad's eye since the birth of his son

                    F                      C
So he took the year off to get back on his feet
             G                         Am
He didn't do much, took a trip to the beach
         F                       C                          G
Here he slept on the sand had a dream where the girl kissed back

Bridge: C, G, F, C, C, G, F, C

Verse 5

         C            G
Highway home, daily grind
             F                 C
Birthdays, holidays, peace of mind
             C               G
He lost his hair, found his laugh 
            F            C
Composed a will and his epitaph

                       F                             C
There was nothing too special about the way he lived life
                  G                         Am
Was about average build, was about average height
      F                        C                  G
Sometimes he did things wrong other times he did right

Verse 6

             C                    G
A porch out front and a yard out back
           F                  C
The quiet life in the cul-de-sac
         C                G
Kids in school gowns and ties
             F                      C
More little babies with bright blue eyes

                     F                         C
So he cashed in his chips and he moved to the hills
                   G                            Am
But he didn't eat right and he didn't take his pills 
            F                      C                   G
And then at 5 clock one day those soft blue eyes grew still 

Outro: C, G, F, C, F, G, C (let ring)
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