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Your Love Is Strong Chords
great worship song by jon foreman, Your Love is Strong. tabbed out by Bryant Trinh

Listen Carefully! Chords played here arent exactly named correctly so follow this chord 
to play like jon. So learn the chords set below first before playing. I'm sure its about 
correct. Enjoy! Email me if you have any questions.

Chord Chart:
standard tunning for all
(order : lowest string to highest eadgbe)

VERSE CHORDS: B - 2244xx           CHORUS CHORDS: C#m - x4665x
              Bsus4 - 0244xx                      Bmaj - x6987x
              Eadd9 - 4x44xx                      Em - x7998x
              F#m - 2443xx                        F#m - x9(11)(11)(10)x

1st Verse:
 B              Bsus4         Eadd9    Bsus4
Heavenly Father, you always amaze me.
         B               Bsus4        Eadd9      Bsus4
Let your Kingdom come in my world and in my life.
 B             Bsus4              Eadd9         Bsus4
Give me the food I need to live through the day,
 B                 Bsus4               Eadd9        Bsus4
And forgive me as I forgive the people that wrong me.
Eadd9             Bsus4
Lead me far from temptation,
Eadd9    Bsus4    B        Bsus4      Eadd9 
Deliver me from the evil one.

@nd Verse: (same as as first verse except at the end)
I look out the window, the birds are composing,
Not a note is out of tune, or out of place.
I look at the meadow, and stare at the flowers,
better dressed than any girl on her wedding day.
Eadd9     Bsus4
So why do I worry?
Eadd9       Bsus4
Why do I freak out?
       B            Bsus4
God knows what I need.
You know what I need.

Your love is,
Your love is,
Em          F#m
Your love is strong. (3x)
(note: chords in chorus are fingered the same as verse)

3rd Verse: (same as 2nd verse)
The Kingdom of the Heavens is now advancing,
Invade my heart, invade this broken town.
The Kingdom of the Heavens is a buried treasure,
Will you sell everything you are for what you've found?
Two things you told me,
That you are strong and you love me.
Yes, you love me.

Same Chorus:
Your love is,
Your love is,
Your love is strong (3x)

play chorus 4 times:
My God in heaven, hallowed be thy name above all names,
Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread,
Forgive us wicked sinners,
Lead us far away from our vices,
and deliver us from these prisons.

end with B-Bsus4-Eadd9-Bsus (verse chords)

Jon Foreman from Switchfoot

Jon wrote these songs by himself.

Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong Chords :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Your Love Is Strong tabs @ 911Tabs

About the artist behind Your Love Is Strong Chords:

Jonathan Mark Foreman (born October 22, 1976) is the lead singer, guitarist, and co-founder of the alternative rock band Switchfoot. He started Switchfoot in 1996 with drummer Chad Butler and his brother Tim on bass. He writes or co-writes the music for all of Switchfoot's songs.

Foreman was born in San Bernardino County, California, but his family then moved to Massachusetts and Virginia Beach during his childhood. After moving to Encinitas in North County San Diego in his junior high years, he went to Torrey Pines High School in Carmel Valley, California, and he became fast friends with Todd Cooper who encouraged him to learn guitar. [1] Cooper was later a guitar tech for Switchfoot, eventually leaving in 2005 to pursue his own musical career. Foreman attended UC San Diego and later dropped out to follow his singing career.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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