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Deal Me In Chords
Deal Me In " David Ramirez
Capo 4

Play with hammer-on and pull-offs to add a little flair
All notes in brackets are played as noted below:
   [G     Gmaj7 G5    C5    Em]

[G          Gmaj7    G5          C5        Em]
 I hear I'm crazy for chasing dreams in my head
  [G         Gmaj7 G5       C5            Em]
So be honest baby, do you think there's a chance 
To see the lights 

    [G         Gmaj7         G5           C5      Em]
It's funny how life can make sense at the end of a cigarette 
     [G           Gmaj7       G5          C5      Em]
I get lost in the smoke as it finds its way slowly through my chest 
                   C                       D                   [G     Gmaj7 G5    C5    Em]
But I'm all out of matches and life cannot start without a spark 

   G    D5 Em7
So deal me in 
C    D5 G  D
Deal me in 
     Em          C         C/G
This is the life that I choose
     Em              D
Even if I lose, even if I lose, so
G    D5 G
Deal me in 
   [G      Gmaj7  G5      C5         Em]

[G          Gmaj7    G5           C5       Em]
 I'm slowly learning just what it means to love 
 [G             Gmaj7   G5          C5             Em]
I don't think I have it down I just know what it's not 
                 C     [G     Gmaj7 G5    C5    Em]
It's not leaving you 

  [G        Gmaj7   G5      C5         Em]
So question life, yeah, question the sky 
[G        Gmaj7    G5            C5       Em]
 Don't be okay just letting days pass you by 
             C                    D                
Find out the truth; find out what lies 

    G    D5 Em7
And deal me in 
C    D5 G  D
Deal me in 
     Em          C         C/G
This is the life that I choose
     Em              D
Even if I lose, even if I lose

   G    D5 Em7
So deal me in 
C    D5 G  D
Deal me in 
     Em          C         C/G
This is the life that I choose
     Em              D
Even if I lose, even if I lose, so
G    D5 G
Deal me in 

[G     Gmaj7 G5    C5    Em]

Chord Chart:
G:     320033
Gmaj7: 300032
G5:    300030
C5:    300010
Em:    022000
C:     x32010
D5:    x00230
Em7:   020000
C/G:   332010
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