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Arithmetic Chords
David Ramirez " Arithmetic
Capo 3

A|-----------------------------------|        Melody at random intervals played where
D|-----------------------------------|        Fmaj7 and G6 are; still finishing with Am7

Am7 includes the hammer-on and pull-off on the high e string on the third fret

        Fmaj7                           G6                   Am7
I ain't never been huntin' but with the way I love it should count 
            Fmaj7                      G6                           Am7
They should charge me all the fees and charge me for the hearts that I've taken out 
        Fmaj7                    G6                   Am7
I ain't never used a rifle all I need are the words of my mouth 
                        Fmaj7       G6      Am7
They burn deeper than a bullet 

    Fmaj7                     G6                             Am7
Her eyes have a shine all the diamonds in the mine don't come near it 
            Fmaj7              G6                       Am7
And all the angels on high fly down time to time just to see it 
       Fmaj7                        G6             Am7
With a love like this anyone in the world would die for it 
                            Fmaj7      G6
And I just want to pull the trigger 

     C/G      Fmaj7        Am7         G6
It's not my fault that I'm not that strong 
        C/G         Fmaj7            Am7   G6
You see I've been taught to walk away 
       C/G    Fmaj7         Am7      G6
We can try again, try your arithmetic 
        C/G             Fmaj7     Am7  -
Tell me what's the formula for love 

          Fmaj7                   G6                   Am7
I've been pluggin' in numbers but nothing I put in ever comes out 
           Fmaj7                    G6                     Am7
With every problem I solve there's another one seen I never gain any ground 
    Fmaj7              G6                     Am7
The answer I fear is a number I know you could do without 
           Fmaj7      G6
So tell me truth 

        Fmaj7            G6                     Am7
I got a song to sing for every little thing I've been through 
         Fmaj7           G6                      Am7
And on a perfect day I'm praying for rain just to hum a sad tune 
             Fmaj7                  G6                   Am7
See when the chips are down there's only one thing that's left to do 
    Fmaj7     G6
Walk away

     C/G      Fmaj7        Am7         G6
It's not my fault that I'm not that strong 
        C/G         Fmaj7            Am7   G6
You see I've been taught to walk away 
       C/G    Fmaj7         Am7      G6
We can try again, try your arithmetic 
        C/G             Fmaj7     Am7  -
Tell me what's the formula for love 

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