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Honey Be Good Chords (ver 2) - Bible

Honey Be Good Chords
No Capo, Song is in A major

Keyboard intro:          A  B  A  B  A  B C#m D
followed by main intro:  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B

        A            B      A          B
To the girl with the gun, I leave my loneliness
        A         B            A          B
To the boy in her arms, I leave you
         A           B         A           B
When you go, and you must   my tongue will turn to dust
        A         B         A       B
And goodbye won't mean a thing

      E         E/Eb   E                  E/Eb           
On a day like today       I'll believe anything you say
A                           B              C#m     D
  Who'll be there when your heart hits the ground
Now that I'm not around
    B    A                   B
be good   and if you can't be good
  A                       B                  C#m   D
be good at being bad  like every girl should
              A    B  A  B 
oh, honey be good

         A         B    A                  B
now that I stay at home   listening to the temptations
         A B                  A   B
singing  oh   I wish it would rain

      E         E/Eb   E                  E/Eb           
On a day like today       I'll believe anything you say
A                      B                   C#m     D
  Who'll be there when your heart hits the ground
Now that I'm not around
    B    A                    B
be good   and if you can't be good
   A                       B                  C#m   D
be good at being bad  like every girl should
              E     E/Eb      E       E/Eb 
oh, honey be goo-ood,        oh honey be good
 A                        B                    C#m  D
 who'll be here when your heart hits the ground
                  E         B      E        B    A    B    C#m  D
now that i'm not around, be good, honey be good,  be good,
                 E      B    E   B   
Now that I'm not around,           hey-ey
               A    B   C#m D
You have to be good
         E    B   E  B  A  B  C#m D
Honey be good
E  B   E  B  A  B  C#m D  E

Chords :


577655 - A
799877 - B
121414xxx - E
111414xxx - E/Eb (drop your index finger down one fret from the E)
x46654 - C#m
x57775 - D
022100 - E1
x2444x - B1


Outro (approximation)
  E          B                   C#m     D
E|-----------------------|    E|-----------------------|
A|-----------------------|    A|-----------------------|
D|-----------------------|    D|-----------------------|
G|-----------4--4-2-h4-4-|    G|-----------------------|
B|-5-4-5-2-5-------------| x3 B|-5-4-5-5/7-5--4-h5--5--|
e|-----------------------|    e|-----------------------|

   E       B                     C#m         D
E|-------------------|        E|--------------------------|
A|-------------------|        A|--------------------------|
D|-------------------|        D|--------------------------|
G|-9-9-9-9-9-9-8-8---|        G|-6-------6---7-------7----|
B|-9-9-9-9-9-9-7-7---| x3     B|---5---5-------7---7------|
e|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7---|        e|-----4-----------5--------|

   E                 B                   fading out (C#m  D)     
B|----12----12----12----12--9-h10--12---| x3     

Any comments, suggestions, gratefully received.
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