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A Firm Kick Chords
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

Chords Used:
A     (577655)
E     (779997)
Bm    (799777)
D     (557775)
F#m   (9 11 11 10 9 9)
E2    (022100)
C#    (9 11 11 - - ---)
B     (799------------)

A                E
A firm kick in the pants
             Bm       D             E
This last chance to get things right

A                  E             Bm
This was one time I closed an eye
     D              E
Looked away from you

Look out for yourself tonight
Sometimes I have to get things right

A       E            Bm         F#m
I never meant what I said to you
A                  E               Bm      F#m
To give up all the things that you love to do

A         E             Bm            F#m
I'd never guess that you'd do me wrong
A            E         Bm        F#m
I'll never accept that dance and song

A                  E
A little time to adjust
         Bm   D           E
Would be just what we need

A                           E                     Bm
I've meant to tell you what I think that you think
     D                E
When I cross your mind

Forgone, stressed at the light
Whats wrong with being uptight

A       E           Bm       F#m
I never say what I intend to
A           E         Bm      F#m
But does it mean that much to you

A           E           Bm            F#m
I'd a close call with a glitch in time
A              E          Bm    F#m
Are you really that happy to be mine

E                D
No I'm not disguising
E            D
All that fighting
E                 D
And dreams not coming true

(solo backing = F#m C# E B F#m C# E B)

F#m         C#   E              B
I will play some light from the sun
F#m      C#        E       B
The world by my side

F#m         C#   E      B
I will see dawn as a forlorn
F#m     C#     E   B
maiden in the sky

F#m             C# E         B
And I will play a song of thunder
F#m      C#    E    B
you may recognize

F#m          C#   E         B
You make a never, thats forever
F#m          C#  D     E
Knowing what you deny

A               E                 Bm
When I revisit the past its a blast
          D            E
I've just gotta move on

A                    E                 Bm
I've just let down someone I relied on
    D             E
And I dont see why

How'd we pretty up that speech
M City talking through me

A          E            Bm          F#m
I've never done what I set out to do
A             E            Bm       F#m
Don't come to me 'cuz I'll run from you

A           E            Bm          F#m
Left out of life would I really care
A           E                    Bm     F#m
Not a whole lot, there's nothing for me there

E              D       E                D
I'll never forget the limits that we set
E                D
Back when it was our moon

(Fill = G|---14b---14b---14b---14b---|)

      E               D        E                   D
And I never made a pretence of living with good sense
 E                 D        F#m
It's really not my strong suit

and that about does it :) love this song, love John Frusciante! any 
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About the artist behind A Firm Kick Chords:

John Anthony Frusciante (pronounced [fruːˈʃɑːnteɪ (info)) (born March 5, 1970) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the guitarist of the alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, with whom he has recorded five studio albums. Frusciante also maintains an active solo career, having released nine albums under his own name, as well as two collaborations with Josh Klinghoffer and Joe Lally under the name Ataxia. His solo recordings incorporate a variety of elements ranging from experimental rock and ambient music to New Wave and electronica. Drawing influence from guitarists of various genres, Frusciante emphasizes melody and emotion in his guitar playing, and favors vintage guitars and analog recording techniques.

Frusciante joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the age of eighteen, first appearing on the band's 1989 album Mother's Milk. The group's follow-up album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, was a breakthrough success. However, he was overwhelmed by the band's newfound popularity and as a result quit in 1992. He became a recluse and entered a long period of heroin addiction, during which he released his first recordings: Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt (1994) and Smile from the Streets You Hold (1997). In 1998, Frusciante successfully completed drug rehabilitation and rejoined the Chili Peppers for their 1999 album Californication. Since then he has continued to record with the band and has received critical recognition for his guitar-playing, ranking eighteenth on Rolling Stone's list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" in 2003.[1]

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