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Your Love Amazes Me Chords
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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 11:47:31 -0700
From: [email protected] (Doug Edwards)
Subject: TAB: Your Love Amazes Me by John Berry
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Here's the hit that launched a great new artist-



INTRO:  Asus, A, E/A, A, Bm/F#, F#m, E/F#, F#m, D, Esus, E, Asus, A,
E/A, A

I've seen the seven wonders of the world
I've seen the beauty of diamonds and pearls
D                             Esus
But they ain't nothin' baby,
           E          Asus     A    E/A   A
Your love amazes me

I've seen a sunset that would make you cry
And colors of a rainbow reachin' across the sky
D                                 Esus
The moon in all its phases, but
           E         Asus   A   E/A   A
Your love amazes me

C#m                       D             A
Don't you ever doubt this love of mine
                        Esus   E
You're the only one for me
You give me hope, you give me reason
You give me something to believe in
Forever faithfully,
Esus       E         Asus   A   E/A   A   Asus   A   E/A   A
Your love amazes me

I've prayed for miracles that never came
I got down on my knees in the pouring rain
But only you could save me
Your love amazes me

Repeat Chorus

Here's the chords:

A      x02220
E/A    x02100
Bm/F#  224432
F#m    244222
E/F#   2x2100
D      xx0232
Esus   022200
E      022100
C#m    x46654
Bm     x24432
G      320003

Transcribed by Doug Edwards

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About the artist behind Your Love Amazes Me Chords:

John Barry, OBE (born John Barry Prendergast on 3 November 1933 in York, England) is a renowned Golden Globe and five-time Academy Award-winning English film score composer.

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