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Barn Song Chords
Pretty straightforward. 

Capo 4. 
I used her acoustic video with Gregory Alan Isakov to get most of the chords, so you can just watch 
that for any extra details I missed. The instrumental part, for example, is slightly more complicated than
the way I have it here. Please comment with any errors. This is just the basic layout. 

Chords: (relative to capo)
Em (x22xxx)
C (x32x1x) played (332x1x) during Chorus
G (32xxx3)
D (xxx2h32) hammer on pointer finger a little

Em         C          G         D(w/hammer on)
This is a barn and I know it's haunted.
 Em         C              G       D
The corn rattles and the shadows move. 
Em           C                  G         D
It's just the way, it's just the way I'm feeling. 
  Em           C         G        D
I want to lie down in a field of rain. 

Em C G D x 2

Em         C            G           D
This is a river and I pray for the bottom,
Em           C              G           D 
some kind of measure of the way things change. 
           Em           C           G   
I've been stuck in the middle of a slow storm, 
D                Em     C   G   
counting the days, love... 
   D     Em  C  G  
Hmmm.. Love 

     D(strum once)     C              D    G
  I know we're in the dark, and the cold comes, 
D                  Em                D      C
through the very cracks that let the light through. 
D                  C              D     G
Bring me something back from that sunny coast, 
    D   Em   D  C    D    Em(hard strum up)
and keep us, moving oooooon... 

Em C G D x2

Em            C         G           D
These are the shadowlands, I've known them. 
      Em          C               G        D
And I think it's going to be the long way down, 
         Em     C        G              D
but I'll be the tiny flame, that you carry 
Em      C       G          D
around, around, around...  Hmmm..

Em C G

D                     C              D    G
  I know we're in the dark, and the cold comes, 
D                  Em                D      C
through the very cracks that let the light through. 
D                   C              D     G
Bring me something back from that sunny coast, 
    D   Em   D  C    D  Em(hard strum up)
and keep us, moving oooon... 


Em C G D x4

Em        C               G          D
This is a blessing and I don't dare doubt it. 
Em         C           G       D
We built a boat out of willow trees. 
Em             C        G       D 
We caught the moonlight, like a mirror,
Em          C              G         D
shine right through to the best of me, 
   Em        C             G        D
shine right through to the best of me... 

      Em   C  G   D    Em   C  G     D
Hmm... hey.       hmm... Hey.

Em        C           G         D
We've been living in abandoned houses. 
Em              C           G        D
Sometimes we're tending to abandoned fields. 
Em           C                  G        D
It's just the way it's just the way I'm feeling. 
 Em           C            G          D(strum once and let ring)
I want to wake up with the sun in my head.
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