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Die Alone Chords
hi, I got these chords off Ingrids' guitarist, Allie Moss.
So if you want to thank someone for these chords, thank her!


Em       C       G        D         2x
Em       C       G        B7         2x
G         B7     Em     C
B7      G       B7
C*      **     ***    C*      **     ***    C*      **      
//////   ////    //      //////   ////    //      //////   //////
G       C    Cm6
The chords at the end go from the verse to the chorus chords.
C*     xx2O13
**      xx2O22  (honestly don't know what these chords are called)
***     xx2O23
Cm6  xO1O1x

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About the artist behind Die Alone Chords:

Ingrid Michaelson (born 1979)[1] is a New York-based indie-pop singer/songwriter.

Her music has been featured on numerous television shows as well as the in Old Navy Fall 2007 Fair Isle Sweater advertising campaign.[2] Most notably, Michaelson's songs have been selected as soundtracks for emotional scenes on Grey's Anatomy[3] and One Tree Hill.[4]

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