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Solsken Tab
Tabbed by: Morgan Ljungkvist, Halmstad(the home of Gyllene Tider)
Intro and Vers and solo: E A B
Chorus: Fm D A E F D A B
Outro: G C E x 4 + G

                  E      A
Jag knyter upp mina skor   
 B            E                         A
Jag fäller upp min krage så den blir stor
B              E               A          B       E   A B
Jag går och funderar på var hon bor, och vad hon gör  
(Play like this every verse)

Det verkar som om stan
sett annorlunda ut mest hela dagen
jag går omkring här ensam utan plan, helt utanför

Fm               D                A
Och det är höst och det är ganska kallt 
E                           F
så är det solsken där jag går.
D                   A         B
Hon sprider solsken överallt

Det är rätt längesen,
så länge att ja känner knappt igen
dem känslorna som smugit fram igen, var har dem varit?

Fm               D                A
Fast det är natt och det är ganska kallt 
E                           F
så är det solsken där jag går.
D                   A         B
Hon sprider solsken överallt



Vers 4
Jag knyter mina skor, 
Jag fäller upp min krage så den blir stor
jag går omkring funderar på var hon bor och vad hon gör

fast det är höst och det är ganska kallt Fm D A
så är det solsken där jag går E F
Hon sprider solsken överallt D A B
ja det är solsken där jag går E F
hon sprider solsken överallt D A B

Outro: G C E x4 + G

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About the artist behind Solsken Tab:

Gyllene Tider is a famous Swedish pop group. The name "Gyllene Tider" means 'Golden ages' or 'Golden times' in English. Few Scandinavians would not recognize the band's most famous song "Sommartider", often played on the radio during late spring and early summer. The band is well-known for its catchy choruses and light-weight lyrics about summer and life in a small town, and they have been described as a Swedish equivalent of the Beach Boys. In the text below, the Swedish names of the songs are written in italics, with the English translation in parenthesis.

In 1977, Per Gessle met Mats Persson, a member of the band Audiovisuellt Angrepp, forming the duo Grape Rock. Later Micke Andersson, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon joined and the quintet was born. The group's name was changed to Gyllene Tider.

1978 - The band had become a group of local celebrities in Halmstad for their Christmas-concerts. They took advantage of this and released their quite rare vinyl ep; Billy. The record sold in about 900 copies.

In 1980, the LP Gyllene Tider was released, becoming a huge success in Sweden. Flickorna på TV2 (The girls on TV2) was the biggest hit on that album.

The second album was released in 1981 under the name Moderna Tider (Modern age) and also enjoyed huge success. It was followed up by a national tour. The next year Puls (Pulse) was released with the hits Sommartider (Summertimes) and Flickan i en Cole-Porter-sång (The girl in a Cole Porter song).

The group tried to break through to the American market in 1984 with the album Heartland (a six track mini version of the album The Heartland Café released in Sweden) under the name "Roxette". But it failed and the album flopped after selling about 8,000 copies. The name Roxette was later used by Per Gessle to name his successful collaboration with Marie Fredriksson.

In 1985 Gyllene Tider officially broke up. But in the following years a few "Greatest hits" albums were released and a few reunions took place, in particular the immensely popular Återtåget tour of 1996.

In 2004 the band celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with the first new album after 20 years and a big summer tour in July and August. The tour, called GT25, was a huge success, being the biggest tour in Scandinavia ever and the second largest of all time in the whole of Europe, gathering large crowds all over Sweden. When they performed at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg on August 7 2004 during the GT25, 58 977 fans watched the concert live, and the performance was later broadcast on TV4.

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