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Im A Rover Chords
Capo on 2nd Fret

G 320003
D **0323
C *32010

Intro G  D G C D G x2
Verse 1
Oh the night be as dark as dungeon 
G                      D
Not a star to be seen above
I will be guided without a stumble 
G                  D    G 
To the arms of me only love
G                 C         G
I went up too her bedroom window
G                  D       G
Kneeling gentley upon a stone
G                 C      G
I tapped on her bedroom window
G                      D     G
Me darlin dear do you lay a alone 

G                 C        G
For I'm a rover, seldom sobber
G                     D
I'm a rover of high digree
G              D      C        G
When I'm drinkin I'm always thinkin
G                  C    G
Out to gain lives company

( The rest of the song follows the same pattern)

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About the artist behind Im A Rover Chords:

Great Big Sea (often shortened to GBS) is a Canadian folk-rock band from Newfoundland and Labrador, best known for performing energetic rock interpretations of traditional Newfoundland folk songs including sea shanties, which draw from the island's 500-year-old Irish, English, and French heritage. The band also performs original material.

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