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When My Train Pulls In Chords
This is the main riff, which can be heard most of the times he is playing Em.
I know Am and B7 might not be 100% correct, but I'm not sure what chord he is playing 
when I watch it live.
This should provide a decent outline of the song. Chord progression is repeated 
the same throughout.
E|------------- 3~ ------0-----------------------------------------------------|

Em Am Em B7 Am Em

 Everyday nothing seems to change.
Em                                                   Am
 Everywhere I go I keep seeing the same old thing & I..
Am                  Em
I can't take it no more.
B7                         Am
 Oh, I would leave this town but I ain't got no where else to go.

Wake up in the morning, oh, more bad news.
& I.. Sometimes I feel like I was borne to lose & I..
It's driving me out of my mind.
I'll catch the next train & I.. I'll move on down the line.

Whoah I'll be ready now. I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
Whoah I'll be ready now. I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I know my time ain't long around here.
& I can't live this life again.

Walking down the streets you might run across a smilng face.
But they'll stab you in the back as soon as you turn & walk away
& I.. Oh Lord it's bringing me down.
If things don't change around here, ain't no use in me hanging 'round.

Whoah I'll be ready now. I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
Whoah I'll be ready now. I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I know my time ain't long around here.
& I can't live this life again.
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