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You Are My Special Angel Chords (ver 2) - Vogues

You Are My Special Angel Chords
You Are My Special Angel

|C   Am   |Dm7     G    |C     Am   |Dm7    G     |

C       Am     Em
    You are my special angel,

F         G    C   C#dim
Sent from up above..

Dm7     G            C   /B Am
    The Lord smiled down on me..

D7                G
And sent an angel to love..

C      Am     Em   
   You are my special angel..

F          G    C     C#dim
Right from para dise..

Dm7   G         C      /B Am
    I know that you’re an angel

Dm        Fm       C
Heaven is in your eyes...

F6              G
A smile from your lips

Cmaj7  Am
Brings the summer sunshine..

F6              G
The tears from your eyes

Brings the rain..

Em       B7/D#
I feel your touch..

G6    B7/F#
You're warm embrace..

D7              Fm6      G
And I'm in heaven a gain..

C      Am     Em
  You are my special Angel

F         G    C  C#dim
Through eternity..

Dm7      G       C   /B  Am
    I'll have my special angel

Dm7     G7-9       C      Ab7 
Here to watch over me..

Db     Bbm7   Fm7
   You are my special Angel

Gb          Ab     Db   Ddim
  Through e tern ity..

Ebm7     Ab      Db   /C  Bbm7
    I'll have my spe cial angel

Ebm7    Ab7   /Gb  Fm7   Bb7
Here to watch over me..

Ebm7    Ab7-9      Db   Db7   Gb   Gbm6
Here to watch over me.

angel, angel, angel......

Transcription and chart
Peter Kruger
[email protected]

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