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You Cost Me Too Much Chords
Song: "You Cost Me Too Much" (acoustic demo)
Artist: Gin Blossoms

///Play around with the little finger on the D chords; he does a lot of switching
around between the Dmajor and the Dsus4.  Also, the C to G progression in the intro
and the ends of the choruses is just a quick downbeat on the C and then right back
to the G.///


        D               G                            
I could fall asleep for you, my girl 
But it's not enough 
        D                   G 
For the scenes of your last visit 
Lie buried in the dust 
           D                 G 
If I don't fall in love with you, my girl 
Please understand 
        D            G
I'll go find another county
And leave it in the end 
          G           D
I've seen forty-seven pictures 
         C            D
All with you upon the face
         Em               D 
From the noise I'm making running
     C         D 
Is a secondary pace
         G                   D 
From the scenes of your last visit
        C                D 
I still feel it where we touch
      Em       D      G   C G 
Where you cost me too much 

Oh, the time I spent with you, my girl 
Was all in vain 
Waiting out the rapids 
You can't escape the pain 
And if I fall in love with you, my girl 
It'll never end 
And the sky will likely open 
Raining holocaust and zen 
At the west side of the forest 
On a highway in the sun 
Stands a pointless individual 
Who knows his time has come 
Though I know it's nothing funny 
I'm still howling like a lush 
'Cause you cost me too much 

D                G
It's the same in here
D                         G 
Nothing's changed yet, my dear
Oh, if I had known to know you well
D7                                G   C G  C G 
Lock us up in a sinner's hell for days 

If I don't fall in love with you, my girl 
Please understand 
I'll go find another city 
And leave it in the end 
And if I run away with you, my girl 
Please try to see 
I'll do all I can to please you 
But I don't expect you'll be 
On the highest roof around me 
Where I'm feeling pretty dumb 
I scan on the horizon 
For other dumbshits as they come 
I'm growing older faster 
Still howling like a lush 
       Em       D
'Cause you cost me
Em       D
You cost me 
Em       D      G   C G
You cost me too much

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About the artist behind You Cost Me Too Much Chords:

The Gin Blossoms are an alternative rock band formed in 1987, in Tempe, Arizona. They took their name from a photo of W.C. Fields which bore the caption "W.C. Fields with gin blossoms," referring to the actor's gin-ravaged nose. The band, who were musically weaned on The Byrds and Tom Petty, released three albums and had several hits in the mid 1990s, before breaking up in 1997. Five years later in 2002, the band reunited, released a DVD, resumed touring, and promised a fourth album. Major Lodge Victory, the Gin Blossoms' first album in ten years, was released on August 8, 2006 on the Hybrid Recordings label.

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