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Shaving Chords
The band put up the tabs here, just not in coordination with the lyrics, so I did 
that. I'm kinda bad at it, but this is my favorite song by them so I thought I'd give it a go!

Most of the song's guitar is on offbeats, but I put the chords where the actual 
chord changes are instead. Just listen to the song before you play, and I think 
you'll get what I mean. If you have any corrections let me know! Feel free to tab 
the rest of the album to the lyrics if you'd like! I plan on doing some of their 
other songs eventually! :)

I’ve been dragging razor blades 
G                 D        A
over my face for about ten years straight, 
Bm              F#7             G
from the week I turned thirteen. 
      D           A
Well, yesterday I turned twenty-three.
Bm                             F#7 
Dad used to joke that he could shave with a knife. 
          G                 D        A
I’ve never seen a cut on his face in all of my life. 
Bm        F#7        
I hope my skin thickens 
G                A
into the kind of man I want to be.

D | F#7 | Bm | G A

D                                  F#7
You’re numb? Yeah, sure, I’ve been numb. 
                   Bm                   G               A
It’s when you have so many choices, you end up choosing none. 
           D                         F#7
And you're bored, I think I know the sort. 
                     Bm                   G     A
As long as you don’t end up there as your first resort. 
           D             F#7
One time a drunk news presenter from RTE, 
         Bm                            G          A
took the time out of her busy night to explain to me, 
     D               F#7
that boredom is a pretty recent term 
    Bm               G               A
and forty years ago, no one used the word

Bm                      G         
   And there is so much more than this, 
     D                     A             Bbdim
some people survive by the skin of their wrist. 
Bm       G              D
   And I had to let you know. 
     A   Bbdim D
Oh o-oh, oh oh

D | F#7 | Bm | G A

D                        F#7                 Bm
I saw what was basically a child propped up on stage.
                    G                      A
He proceeded to say nothing in the loudest way. 
  D                       F#7                 Bm
I lock my jaw so tight, point my eyes at the ground, 
             G        A         D
in a futile effort to repel the sound. 
As my mind starts to wander away, 
   Bm                        G               A
it calls back just to ask me was I ever this way? 
    D                           F#7                  
The chords seem so familiar, although his speech is slurred. 
     Bm                 G                   A
I notice we’ve the same shaving lines as he utters the words:

Bm                      G         
   And there is so much more than this, 
     D                     A             Bbdim
some people survive by the skin of their wrist. 
Bm       G              D
   And I had to let you know. 
     A   Bbdim D
Oh o-oh, oh oh

D F#7 G / D Bm G / D F#7 G / Em G

D               F#7
At six a.m., eight years ago, 
      Bm                         G        
I was lying in the middle of the Old Bawn Road, 
        D                F#7
singing “I don’t care if any cars come, 
        Bm     G        
I won’t rise before the sun.”
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