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The Fireman Chords
Intro: A E A

Well they call me the fireman,
D            A
That's my name,
Making my rounds all over town
A                   E
Putting out old flames.
E     A                                              
Well everybody like to have a what I got,
A      D                                                              

I can cool 'em down when they're smouldering hot
D        A
I'm the fireman,
E            A
That's my name.

1st Verse:
Last night they had a bad one
A E                            A
A mile or two down the road,
Well my buddy walked out
A                                                   E
And left his woman burning out of control.
E     A                                              
Well I was down there in about a hour or so,
A        D                                                    
With a little mouth to mouth she was ready to go
D        A
I'm the fireman,
E            A
That's my name.

Repeat Chorus: (They call me the....)

Instrumental Break: (use same chord structure in verses)

2nd Verse:
A                              E                 A
I got a fire engine red T-bird automobile,
A                                                         E
In a minute or less I can be dressed fit to kill.
E       A
I work twenty-four on and twenty-four off,
A              D
When they get too hot they just give me a call
D        A
I'm the fireman,
E            A
That's my name.

Repeat Chorus: (They call me the...)  D

D                      A
They call me the fireman,
E            A
That's my name.

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About the artist behind The Fireman Chords:

Strait's 38 hit albums (12 multi platinum, 22 platinum and four gold) rank him only behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles. The RIAA have certified his albums at 68× platinum, denoting shipments of 58.5 million in the United States. His best-selling album there, is Pure Country (1992), which sold 6 million (6× platinum). His highest certified album is Strait Out of the Box (1995), which sold 8 million (8× platinum). According to the RIAA, Strait is the eleventh best-selling recording artist in the United States overall.

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