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Roses Chords
                             ROSES - Pacific Air
Tabbed by: Kallolus
E-mail: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 7

Hey everyone, and welcome to my by-ear
version of the totally marvelous song "Roses"
by the equally marvelous Pacific Air!
Please enjoy this very easy to learn song, and may
it bring you joy as it did to me! :D

Am (x02210)
G6 (320000)
Em (022000)
Cmaj7 (x32000)

NOTE: During the verses I only play certain strings (A, D and G) to make it sound more 
like the album version. The strumming pattern is very simple - eight beats, only downstrokes.

NOTE: During the intro, feel free to improvise the melody, that's what I do. Although, 
if do want to know a bit more, I play a full downstroke and then pick my way back up in 
some random rythm, just to play another full downstroke with the next chord.

To sum it all up, this is how it should look:

Verse: Am, Am, G6, G6

Chorus: Am, G6, Em, G6

Post-chorus: Am, G6, Em, G6 (NOTE: you can play it -Am, Am, G6, G6- aswell)

Girl-singing-verse 1: Am, Am, G6, G6
                      Am, G6, Cmaj7, Am
Girl-singing-verse 2: Am, Am, G6, G6
                      Am, Am, G6, G6
                      Cmaj7, Am

But don't take my word for it, I'm no scientist - this is just my very amaturely made version!

- - - - - - -


I don't know who let you in
You're too bold to give a shit
The sound of the ocean makes you smile
While the smell of seaweeds on your mind

You run your hand against my cheek
you want my fingers on your lips
So let me take you to the sand
Before the California sun is gone

  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know if you fall down and you love roses
  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know when you fall down and you love roses

Am, G6, Em, G6   (x2)

The scripted memories I found
From my brain to call on them
           Am                              G6
The bit of roses isn't shy but they aren't used to being dry
I watch the way you bite your lips
Your lipstick cracks with every kiss
            Am                               G6
The morning sun is on the hills as I turn my key to let you in

  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know if you fall down and you love roses
  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know when you fall down and you love roses


[Girl-singing-verse 1]
Am                G6
I know you can't understand the way I am
         Am                 G6
But you assume to know what I do
            Cmaj7             Am
And I don't want that kind of man

[Girl-singing-verse 2]
I don't want you in my life
I only loved you for one night
A flower blooms before it dies
              G6          Cmaj7                   Am (single strum)
But you don't know...that I don't wanna to be with you

  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know if you fall down and you love roses
  Am-G6                  Em                   G6
    I don't want to know when you fall down and you love roses


End on Am...
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